We help advertising agency to create effective brand strategy using our expertise in Neuro Branding.

 – We simply love it.

Our Vision

“Make Neuro Branding a pri-eminent strategy for local companies from SME’s to Large companies competing nationally and internationally”.

– Aaditya Ruggoo, founder

Our Mission

Help advertising agency, deliver great masterpiece not only to their customer but to their customer's audience, in a specific objective to touch the heart and the mind of people.

What is Instinctmind?

We are an applied Neuromarketing company where we use Neuroscience in the business world.
Using specialized tools from Neuroscience to measure, analyse & affect human decision making.
Who won’t to know what are their customer’s true feeling towards their brand.

We make your business more human and emotional because at the end that’s what sells.

Why to choose Instinctmind?

We believe understanding customer from the roots of the brain is the best strategic decision to create positive impact.
In business world, we uses strategy to make customers buy our product but actually we are ignoring something important customers also have their own strategy called Human strategy.

How it works?

Lab research

Lab research gives you ability to control all elements in perfect conditions.

Perfect for:

  • Video commercial ads test
  • Printed ads test
  • Visual product design, color, shape
  • Website navigation( E-commerce)
  • App usage human interface


Dynamic research

Dynamic research focus more on mobility and real life situation.

Perfect for:

  • In retail-store navigation:
  • product finding, price effect, new packaging…
  • App usage in real situation
  • Architecture, signage, instructions,navigation
  • Driving situation
  • Outdoor ads test
  • Product handling, Manipulation
  • Magazines ads, Website ads noticing
  • Virtual reality world design
  •  TV ad test

We touch people's heart and mind.